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Alan's Tattoo Studio
352 Leagrave Road
Beds LU3 1RF
Tel:  01582 490249

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Opening hours

Wednesday - Friday   9.30 - 5.00 pm (By appointment)

Saturday  9.30 - 5.00pm (Generally by appoinment for smaller tattoos)
We have now started to take appoinments for smaller tattoos
on a Saturday, we still prefer to do larger custom tattoos
during the week and are reluctant to book these on a Saturday.

Parking is available on the forecourt at the front of the shop.

To make an appointment

We are always happy to discuss our clients' requirements, and particularly for a first tattoo we are pleased to explain the procedures, health aspects, hygiene etc.

To make an appointment we suggest you call in and have a chat with us to discuss your individual design.

While we have a vast library of tattoo designs we are more than happy to work from your own reference or create a unique design from your own ideas.
In fact most of the tattoos we do are one off custom designs that we draw up based on the ideas of the customers and ourselves.
If you are bringing in your own reference material please bring it on a piece of paper not a mobile phone which is difficult to work from!

We also specialise in covering or reworking old and crude work.

Once we make the appointment a minimum deposit of £50 is required
which will be refunded against your tattoo.

We are unable to take Credit/Debit Cards. 

Tattoo Aftercare

We strongly recomend you use Bepanthen nappy rash
cream to look after your fresh tattoo.
Cover the new tattoo with a clingfilm dressing for 4-5 days,
changing the clingfilm 2-4 times a day.
Ideally the clingfilm should be changed first thing in the morning,
lunch time(unless inconvienent at work!),
early evening and just before bed, keeping it on over night.

When changing the dressing remove the clingfilm, wash the tattoo with
soap or shower gel, bath or shower if you wish.
Gently pat the tattoo dry with some kitchen roll, ideally not a towel as
these collect dead skin cells, bateria etc. and could be a potential
 source of infection.
Apply the Bepanthen with clean hands,
then re-wrap the tattoo with fresh clingfilm.

Do this for 4-5 days, then for a couple of days after just apply the Bepanthen
without covering it with the clingfilm. Re-apply the cream every couple of hours
or as you feel the tattoo start to dry up. Continue to wash the tattoo several times
a day, but its not necessary to do this every time you apply the cream.

After 7 days stop using the Bepanthen and start to apply a good quality moisturiser
several times a day, this will help to alleviate the dry skin.


Do not take the clingfil off to 'let the air get to it', this may cause it to scab!
Do not apply Vasaline, Savlon, Hemroid cream or any other creams to
the tattoo, Bepanthen is the best!
Do not let the sun get to a new tattoo for at least 2-4 weeks.
Do not go swimming until the tattoo is fully healed up.
Do not listen to any other 'experts' on how to look after your tattoo,
stick to the advice you were given in the shop!


At Alan's Tattoo Studio it's our goal to offer the highest
possible standards for quality artwork, advice,
hygiene and service at all times. We look forward to meeting you at the studio.


You can also follow us on Facebook just search for Alans tattoo studio to find photos of all the latest tattoos we are doing!


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